Monday, December 31, 2012

I'm Grateful For...

I feel blessed for a number of things in my life... so this blog is to basically just go through all of the things I can recall - kind of like a 2012 Gratitude Wrap to then begin my 2013 in a state of absolute GRATITUDE!  

In no particular order:
  • Mr Ted Kitty - there is nothing like a sweet pet in one's life... this fella is such a good pet, I feel blessed to be his human-guardian.
  • Home - it is new to me; in a quiet, calm neighborhood/city... spacious, allowing me to be "me" and relax.  And the landlords are just so nice - nothing sketchy to worry about with them!
  • Work/Job - that almost goes without saying, but I really do appreciate the work, especially in this weird economy that has been hiccuping on me since I moved to Colorado!
  • Family - I love love LOVE that I live closer to my older sister and her children.  I also feel blessed to have connected with more of my siblings and this is a 2013 wishlist item - to get to visit more siblings as I can take time away to do so. (I've got plans!)
  • Friends - this blessing is always growing.  I have an amazing network from a variety of place; work, social media connections, friends of friends, and so on... each person in my life, even though they (or I) may move away, remains in my heart - there is a love that never dies.  If I have ever called you "friend" - you will be loved forever (yup, even if something horrible tears us apart and superficially "ruins" the physical friendship - I still see the good in people I've met, no matter what.)
  • Mountains - since moving away from California, I have had a great appreciation of the Rocky Mountains for the vast expansiveness that they provide - that "grounding energy" that the ocean had previously provided for me.  There is always a beautiful scene and a grand feeling while looking at the mountain range for me.
  • Colorado Rockies - this is a new appreciation.  I don't really consider myself to be a sports buff; I like watching events periodically.  But, I fell in love with watching and attending the home games of the Colorado Rockies - I proudly wear my purple frequently! :)
  • The Divine/Spirit - that connection that many of us have, I choose to not label my connection with The Divine to any specific religion because - to put it most bluntly, "religion" is man-made.  I have a deep respect for the individual's choice to what connects them with The Divine - so long as it "harms none" in their practice - no matter what.  I am grateful for those individuals who are authentic with their connection to The Divine.
  • Food Network - as odd as this sounds, I love that I have cable again because I get to watch this particular channel again.  It has inspired me to be creative with food again - and has inspired me to "think outside the box" with food experiences.  I love trying new restaurants that range from fine-dining to dives - as long as the food is well-prepared!  So many shows on this channel!! One of my favorites right now is "Chopped" which focuses on surprise ingredients that chefs have to use within a short time to create a spectacular dish!  It also helps to hear the critiques of the judges to learn what to look for in nuances of food experiences and food/wine/beer pairings! Learning Learning Learning! I love it!
  • LifeVantage - I know many people have adverse reactions to "MLM" stuff - but I appreciate a good product and LifeVantage does have that with two products (and another very soon)!  The thing that solidified this decision to become a distributor were the scientific studies which are posted in - this is a difficult database of studies to get into - so not just any "new pill" can get listed in this publication site.  I've become so proud of being a distributor for Protandim/TrueScience that I have put my business site onto my own URL name

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