Monday, December 31, 2012

I'm Grateful For...

I feel blessed for a number of things in my life... so this blog is to basically just go through all of the things I can recall - kind of like a 2012 Gratitude Wrap to then begin my 2013 in a state of absolute GRATITUDE!  

In no particular order:
  • Mr Ted Kitty - there is nothing like a sweet pet in one's life... this fella is such a good pet, I feel blessed to be his human-guardian.
  • Home - it is new to me; in a quiet, calm neighborhood/city... spacious, allowing me to be "me" and relax.  And the landlords are just so nice - nothing sketchy to worry about with them!
  • Work/Job - that almost goes without saying, but I really do appreciate the work, especially in this weird economy that has been hiccuping on me since I moved to Colorado!
  • Family - I love love LOVE that I live closer to my older sister and her children.  I also feel blessed to have connected with more of my siblings and this is a 2013 wishlist item - to get to visit more siblings as I can take time away to do so. (I've got plans!)
  • Friends - this blessing is always growing.  I have an amazing network from a variety of place; work, social media connections, friends of friends, and so on... each person in my life, even though they (or I) may move away, remains in my heart - there is a love that never dies.  If I have ever called you "friend" - you will be loved forever (yup, even if something horrible tears us apart and superficially "ruins" the physical friendship - I still see the good in people I've met, no matter what.)
  • Mountains - since moving away from California, I have had a great appreciation of the Rocky Mountains for the vast expansiveness that they provide - that "grounding energy" that the ocean had previously provided for me.  There is always a beautiful scene and a grand feeling while looking at the mountain range for me.
  • Colorado Rockies - this is a new appreciation.  I don't really consider myself to be a sports buff; I like watching events periodically.  But, I fell in love with watching and attending the home games of the Colorado Rockies - I proudly wear my purple frequently! :)
  • The Divine/Spirit - that connection that many of us have, I choose to not label my connection with The Divine to any specific religion because - to put it most bluntly, "religion" is man-made.  I have a deep respect for the individual's choice to what connects them with The Divine - so long as it "harms none" in their practice - no matter what.  I am grateful for those individuals who are authentic with their connection to The Divine.
  • Food Network - as odd as this sounds, I love that I have cable again because I get to watch this particular channel again.  It has inspired me to be creative with food again - and has inspired me to "think outside the box" with food experiences.  I love trying new restaurants that range from fine-dining to dives - as long as the food is well-prepared!  So many shows on this channel!! One of my favorites right now is "Chopped" which focuses on surprise ingredients that chefs have to use within a short time to create a spectacular dish!  It also helps to hear the critiques of the judges to learn what to look for in nuances of food experiences and food/wine/beer pairings! Learning Learning Learning! I love it!
  • LifeVantage - I know many people have adverse reactions to "MLM" stuff - but I appreciate a good product and LifeVantage does have that with two products (and another very soon)!  The thing that solidified this decision to become a distributor were the scientific studies which are posted in - this is a difficult database of studies to get into - so not just any "new pill" can get listed in this publication site.  I've become so proud of being a distributor for Protandim/TrueScience that I have put my business site onto my own URL name

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Ending And Then Beginning...

It is absolutely unbelievable to think that 2012 is coming to its end... already.

What has year been for me?  Well, since I didn't blog most all year... here is the wrap-up of this whirlwind year!

January - I started out the year not feeling so hot - had something going on in the throat lymph node that wasn't going away ... so tests a plenty and OMG so much antibiotics ... thank goodness for my discovery of Good Belly!! 

By March it was decided that a surgery was inevitable - so I went under the knife (yeah, that's how I see surgeries - terrifying to me!) I had/have an amazing doctor that I trust and even though the incision was incredibly long... he is such a skilled cosmetic surgeon that the incision was hidden in a natural fold in my neck.  Through all the testing, samples and such... they were never able to discern what exactly had caused the infection in my lymph node that, 1) would NOT respond to even the strongest antibiotics and 2) wouldn't go away - only grew bigger and bigger.  I will never know.

Within the healing period of the surgery I was blessed to have found a new place to move into that was FAR better than what I was living in - ah, moving! But a blessing all the same! I now have a small house all to myself (well, me and Mr. Ted Kitty) - no attached units of noisy neighbors or neighbors getting the police called on them.  The end of April was an eager move in time for me!!

This new home was a new opportunity for me to breathe and grow back into the ME that I had been missing!  Even though it takes me a while to get unpacked... I love this new home!  And I am counting my blessings every day for the divine timing of finding it open up to me!

Also, NEW JOB:  That kind of fell in just before the surgery - what timing!  I had been doing contract work for this company and they made me an offer to go full-time with them!  The offer was too good to pass. And yet again... a blessing to add to my counting list.

July came along with another new opportunity - a man - it was a fun match from the first date; a date that lasted 6 hours!  It felt like I had finally met someone with which I had SO MUCH in common!  We were both foodies, gamers, and just a great sense of humor between the two of us.  It was so good - life moved pretty quickly.  By October he was moving to a different city, closer to his work opportunity, and I pitched in and helped box, move and shuffle. Once he was moved into his new place and things were going well - celebrated his birthday taking him out and getting fun gifts ... and then a week later, one conversation changed everything... I'm still baffled as to what REALLY happened - because he "lost his feelings" for me.  Happy Halloween - the end of that chapter.

November brought about a wonderful opportunity to visit my Sister and her children in Oklahoma.  The drive was long, but getting to spend Thanksgiving with them was just - well - a blessing to add to that counting list again! 

And now December is two days away from being completed... so much has passed, so many experiences, good and bad, joy and sorrow, life has been so interesting in 2012...  and this makes 5 years now in Colorado.

Here's to 2013!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

New Beginnings - 14th B'ak'tun...

It was fun to participate in the humorous side of the "apocalypse" craze that was going on.  But, now that the end of that series in a cycle has completed, it is time to get on with the new B'ak'tun - a new huge cycle of life.  I feel honored to have this opportunity to witness and proceed through this shift into the next 144,000 days or 394.25 years (b'ak'tun) - the next shift occurs on March 22, 2407 - good luck to those at that time!  And I am looking into what this current New Cycle means to me.

What I choose for my future:  I am claiming my Divine Light -and- productive lifestyle choices.

We are all born as "producers" of Divine Light.  Through life experiences we either try to maintain our producer energy or... as we encounter those who have become "consumers" of others' Divine Light... we turn into consumers (also known as energy vampires).  Now, some producers as I stated earlier, *try* to maintain their positive perspective and happy love of life... and these people may experience what I call the Roller Coaster Producer life:  powerfully positive as a child, people are drawn to them, they experience abuse in some form or another, they drain down to feeling less positive, but want to see the positive in all people , then they have a positive connection to something or some activity that lifts them back up to their child-like brightness and life is gorgeous at this height, they then experience yet another plummeting drain... you get the idea.  This producer isn't quite a "consumer" yet, but they've hit so many consumers that they feel like they are on a roller coaster ride through life.  Well, that is kind of my story.

Divination Reading: Goddess Oracle Cards
I love people... no matter what they do to me, no matter how much they use my energy to fulfill their own battery of negative choices.  I have allowed consumers to take what they want of me; to use me, to abuse me, to abandon me ... but, this B'ak'tun cycle is a new opportunity for me to really get off the roller coaster and to instead, soar as an eagle!  This change will take me a little while to recognize where I loose my energy, where I allow others to drain me, and where I need to stay when I am feeling grounded and plugged into the Divine Source of Light - be that through prayer/meditations, yoga/exercise, creative outlets, or being of service in a way that brings me such joy - divination readings.  

It is time to polish the scuffs, scrapes and blemishes... to knock out the dents and dings that have accumulated.  My life is my responsibility to stay true to the Divine - it is also my responsibility to fix myself of the "injuries" that I have incurred along the way.  I will be shining brightly again very soon.

My top priority in life is to create the best me that I can then offer to the people in my life - and to choose new connections in a very discerning way.  I will manifest more positively by focusing on the positive that I want in my life and letting go of the negative experiences as little speed bumps in my acceleration upward and onward!

Here's to LIVING in the 14th B'ak'tun!  Be the most beautiful and vibrant YOU that you can possibly be!!  The world needs more Divine Light!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Lemon-Like Week, Two Day In...

Life Hands You Lemons
A weird day ... I wrapped up a bookkeeping client's 2012 so far as I could take it; numbers have been turned in.  It is so odd doing contract work now that I've become an "employee" type again.  It feels disruptive in a way.  I felt like I was "cheating" on my current job. LOL  Thing, too, I'm really just a "middle woman" to the process - I have no contact with the CPA, ... I feel like it's not a good fit ... this may be the last year for this particular client.  There are other reasons that layer upon each other that have brought me to this decision, really.  Not a bad thing... just a changing thing.

This week is off to a strange start; my Monday felt very tense ... today was weird.  Tomorrow?  I feel like this week is the proverbial "life handing you lemons" challenge.  Not that absolutely everything is sour - but rather, it's just not that pleasant.

However, Thursday is looking like a great day already... I have a meeting scheduled with someone that I've been wanting to meet in person for a while.  Not sure what to expect... just happy that it is finally getting to have an opportunity to occur.  Just might turn this week around and put a happy skip in the Friday, Saturday portion of the week. :)

At my follow-up doctor's appointment today, all things looked good - there is still concern about my tonsils.   Ugh... I am going to keep a special attention to my throat this year and see if maybe the number of sore throat instances goes down.  If there are more than 2 or 3 ... doc thinks we might look at taking those tonsils out.  Bleh!

Not much else to cover - today is really just a basic, flat "diary journal entry" kind of day.  I'm sure I'll get better at this as I stick to it.  More soon.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Heart-Broken Words...


Friday was an incredibly challenging day.  To hear the news of the tragedy in Newtown, CT... it was heart-shatteringly sad.  These were just babies 6 and 7 year old babies.  And then learning about the teachers who sacrificed themselves... to me that is beyond being a "hero" ... that is a Saint.  My first reaction on Friday was just crying in disbelief.  Then came the other flood of emotions.

How do we move through the mourning? How do we move toward healing?  This is a scar that is not unfamiliar to our country.  It is becoming far too common, in my opinion.  There has to be a feeling of safety from an authority position... isn't that why we "hired" them into their positions? ... to protect us? to serve us?  Yes, I believe in the right to bear arms - to own a weapon to protect myself/my loved ones.  Not that I currently own a weapon.  But, I believe that there should be a more strict process for acquiring, tracking and documenting gun purchases/ownership.  Do I think I know that whole process? No, I don't... I just think that we need to start talking about solving the problems more seriously.

And I know it is not JUST the guns that caused this tragedy... the Mental Illness diagnosis, treatments, and process for getting the people who need help to get the help... we are not on-point with this, either.  Our priorities and our vulnerability to the extreme-lobbyists who *buy* our positions of authority that we rely on to protect us - that is way out of balance. 

So, I ... like so many Americans at this time, I am mourning... I am hurting... I am so grief-stricken for the parents and families who have lost their loved ones so unnecessarily. 

I look toward a peaceful feeling for healing.

I look toward the Love of my family and friends for healing.

I believe in a better future.... for the children's sake.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Why Did I Stop?

Surely there is a good reason as to why I just stopped blogging... it's not like I don't have words to share and stories to tell... and pictures to post.  I really did have the best intention a year ago when I started back up... but ... oh those terrible "buts" ... I need to be doing this again.  So I am setting an intention to try to blog more frequently ... like a wrap up to the end of my day or something that encourages me to write.  It really is just therapy.  It's not like I am a journalist or article writer... I write to get my life out in front of me - I look at my words to see if my life is making sense.  If I need to change directions or something... or if I am living to be my optimal self.

So that is my challenge... to write and write and write until I feel a focus again.  I know there is a book inside me, so I just need to keep writing until it unfurls itself.

Looking forward to jumping back into this!