Sunday, December 16, 2012

Heart-Broken Words...


Friday was an incredibly challenging day.  To hear the news of the tragedy in Newtown, CT... it was heart-shatteringly sad.  These were just babies 6 and 7 year old babies.  And then learning about the teachers who sacrificed themselves... to me that is beyond being a "hero" ... that is a Saint.  My first reaction on Friday was just crying in disbelief.  Then came the other flood of emotions.

How do we move through the mourning? How do we move toward healing?  This is a scar that is not unfamiliar to our country.  It is becoming far too common, in my opinion.  There has to be a feeling of safety from an authority position... isn't that why we "hired" them into their positions? ... to protect us? to serve us?  Yes, I believe in the right to bear arms - to own a weapon to protect myself/my loved ones.  Not that I currently own a weapon.  But, I believe that there should be a more strict process for acquiring, tracking and documenting gun purchases/ownership.  Do I think I know that whole process? No, I don't... I just think that we need to start talking about solving the problems more seriously.

And I know it is not JUST the guns that caused this tragedy... the Mental Illness diagnosis, treatments, and process for getting the people who need help to get the help... we are not on-point with this, either.  Our priorities and our vulnerability to the extreme-lobbyists who *buy* our positions of authority that we rely on to protect us - that is way out of balance. 

So, I ... like so many Americans at this time, I am mourning... I am hurting... I am so grief-stricken for the parents and families who have lost their loved ones so unnecessarily. 

I look toward a peaceful feeling for healing.

I look toward the Love of my family and friends for healing.

I believe in a better future.... for the children's sake.

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