Thursday, December 13, 2012

Why Did I Stop?

Surely there is a good reason as to why I just stopped blogging... it's not like I don't have words to share and stories to tell... and pictures to post.  I really did have the best intention a year ago when I started back up... but ... oh those terrible "buts" ... I need to be doing this again.  So I am setting an intention to try to blog more frequently ... like a wrap up to the end of my day or something that encourages me to write.  It really is just therapy.  It's not like I am a journalist or article writer... I write to get my life out in front of me - I look at my words to see if my life is making sense.  If I need to change directions or something... or if I am living to be my optimal self.

So that is my challenge... to write and write and write until I feel a focus again.  I know there is a book inside me, so I just need to keep writing until it unfurls itself.

Looking forward to jumping back into this!

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