Thursday, January 03, 2013

I Haven't Forgotten How to Dance...

I used to dance - clubbing  all through the week and especially on the weekends.  I miss this... not really the club aspect, but the active dancing.  I've become a bit more conservative - it takes a lot to get me to loosen up these days... to just feel free to MOVE.

And, as my birthday is getting closer, I am starting to feel my "age" setting in on me. 

I want to break out of this frozen form I am settling into becoming... I know I am a beautiful person under this fear-based body armor of "padding"!  I want to get to know me again... to awaken that powerful goddess who had stepped up in 2005 and owned her power to manifest exactly what she wanted out of life!!  Or the goddess who had trained in 2001 to reignite the beautiful body - yeah, that's what I want to do again!

So, I'm not sure where or how... but I do see a gym or training in some manner coming up... I know I am blessed with my father's genetic signature of being able to trim off the padding with a wonderful metabolism... once it is ignited.  Motivation - that is what I have to find... what is my motivation?  And is it stronger than my fear of ... rejection, abandonment, betrayal, ... all of those fears that have been padding my exterior with "softness" to ward off feeling. 

I will have to open myself to really feeling again.

I guess this is a resolution... now that I think about it.  I have a resolution for 2013!!!

Now... to find that flint stone... to find that spark... to find that fire...




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