Friday, February 24, 2006

It's Her Words... Cloud

It's Her Words... Cloud
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checkout the fun!!! So this is a quick snipshot of my blog!

Monday, January 23, 2006

Getting Moved In...

Window Peace
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Slowly getting myself into the new place.... and I am loving it! A brand new slate... a golden opportunity... and whatever other positive affirmation you'd like to plug on! I have my bookshelves put together and in place... and the majority of the books are placed... it will probably get rearranged again... but oh well.... it's a good start! Then I got this window complete... and a moment of "Awe" and "Ah" came over me... the bagua has been up since I moved in... it's always the first item up when I move into a new place... and the last item down whenever I move out... it's a personal spiritual Feng Shui thing. :P

I like the warm color direction for the living room... I have vibrant cobalt blue to accent parts of the living room as well.... so it feels quite balanced. Love it! So far. I know I am the sort that will rearrange the set up again, too... if I don't... well, THAT would be a miracle! Part of the fun of how I live... change it up... or just turn a couple things around... get the feel of it.... but in no hurry.

Tonight's dinner was organic-goodness!!! I went to New Frontier's at lunch to do some shopping... and happened across some wild Chantrelle mushrooms!!! OMG! I absolutely love these mushrooms! So dense... so very delicious with a simple olive oil and fresh-pressed garlic (both certified organic!) sautee! Served up on a couple of nice organic sliced sourdough (made fresh at a local bakery no less!!!) I feel like I am in heaven!! AND... this was my first me-cooking-cooked dinner here at the apartment! WooHoo! It's gotta be official now - I am moved in! LOL!

Well... I've got some Divination Readings to perform, so I will keep this short.... more later!