Friday, December 30, 2005

Pogo Leather Nose

Pogo Leather Nose
Originally uploaded by cappagammapie.
Is this NOT the cutest picture ever?!?! Oh my goodness... I couldn't stand it! And those puppy teefers peaking out too... puppy is just "smoooshibly" cute!

This picture also reminds me of the game that my friend's son picked up yesterday... Nintendogs. OH... MY... WOW... addicting! You get to buy puppies and play with them on the NintendoDS... I feel like such a kid because I was instantly in "I wanna get that toooooo!"-mode. Thing is... ya have to buy the NintendoDS ... that runs about the price of a small camera in my realm. Justifying that would be hard. Which was cute because, then, my friend's son instantly offered to have everyone go in on this for my birthday... WHAT A SWEETHEART! Kids truly are the cutest when they come up with ideas or statements straight from the heart!

Well... If I don't post before the New Year.... All of you wonderful blog-browsers have a SPECTACULAR, FUN-FILLED New Year celebration and remember... as you are venturing into the 2006 year... Be what you are... Love what you are... and be willing to see that in everyone you meet!