Saturday, December 29, 2012

Ending And Then Beginning...

It is absolutely unbelievable to think that 2012 is coming to its end... already.

What has year been for me?  Well, since I didn't blog most all year... here is the wrap-up of this whirlwind year!

January - I started out the year not feeling so hot - had something going on in the throat lymph node that wasn't going away ... so tests a plenty and OMG so much antibiotics ... thank goodness for my discovery of Good Belly!! 

By March it was decided that a surgery was inevitable - so I went under the knife (yeah, that's how I see surgeries - terrifying to me!) I had/have an amazing doctor that I trust and even though the incision was incredibly long... he is such a skilled cosmetic surgeon that the incision was hidden in a natural fold in my neck.  Through all the testing, samples and such... they were never able to discern what exactly had caused the infection in my lymph node that, 1) would NOT respond to even the strongest antibiotics and 2) wouldn't go away - only grew bigger and bigger.  I will never know.

Within the healing period of the surgery I was blessed to have found a new place to move into that was FAR better than what I was living in - ah, moving! But a blessing all the same! I now have a small house all to myself (well, me and Mr. Ted Kitty) - no attached units of noisy neighbors or neighbors getting the police called on them.  The end of April was an eager move in time for me!!

This new home was a new opportunity for me to breathe and grow back into the ME that I had been missing!  Even though it takes me a while to get unpacked... I love this new home!  And I am counting my blessings every day for the divine timing of finding it open up to me!

Also, NEW JOB:  That kind of fell in just before the surgery - what timing!  I had been doing contract work for this company and they made me an offer to go full-time with them!  The offer was too good to pass. And yet again... a blessing to add to my counting list.

July came along with another new opportunity - a man - it was a fun match from the first date; a date that lasted 6 hours!  It felt like I had finally met someone with which I had SO MUCH in common!  We were both foodies, gamers, and just a great sense of humor between the two of us.  It was so good - life moved pretty quickly.  By October he was moving to a different city, closer to his work opportunity, and I pitched in and helped box, move and shuffle. Once he was moved into his new place and things were going well - celebrated his birthday taking him out and getting fun gifts ... and then a week later, one conversation changed everything... I'm still baffled as to what REALLY happened - because he "lost his feelings" for me.  Happy Halloween - the end of that chapter.

November brought about a wonderful opportunity to visit my Sister and her children in Oklahoma.  The drive was long, but getting to spend Thanksgiving with them was just - well - a blessing to add to that counting list again! 

And now December is two days away from being completed... so much has passed, so many experiences, good and bad, joy and sorrow, life has been so interesting in 2012...  and this makes 5 years now in Colorado.

Here's to 2013!

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