Saturday, August 06, 2005

Beaming Baywood Beauty...

Beaming Baywood Beauty...
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I've been browsing through some of my sunset images... I can say that this one has been my most favorite shot to date. There is just something incredibly soothing about sitting in front of this ... live, of course, is the best.... but they go away.... extraordinarily temporal. Capturing this moment is something I enjoy sharing with others. Thus, my love for digital photography now. I used to shoot film, but I would take SO long to get it developed and would be disappointed at images for something I could have simply changed or shot a second time with a minor adjustment. I feel so spoiled now! And... I am dreaming bigger and better cameras again already.... I really do want to look into a camera that I can get different lenses for different circumstances. Macro... fish eye... telephoto... I am looking to capture the sweat off the brow of the busy bees pollenating the flowers!!! So, I hold that as an affirmation of eventual truth... I will get all of the equipment that I desire when the time is right... or when I am truly ready to utilize them. I sitll want to pursue getting my images sold or displayed in a gallery. I have ideas still. But something in me keeps holding me back... what could it be? Self-doubt? or fear of Success? Still trying to find the focus of my path and how my photography can be incorporaed with that. I love my photography... but I know I have a life purpose that is drawing me in specific directions... I think I can keep my creative passion/hobby along with my life purpose... who knows... they could very well work together as a positive benefit.

What a gentle weekend so far... I am re-watching (dvd run) a favorite series... and sitting at my computer playing on one of my favorite sites... and I stayed in PJs all day today!!!! wooohoooo! It's been a nice, sorta-recharging day... doing nothing... is kinda nice. I will get out and about tomorrow.... do a coffee run in the morning... meander out to the beach, maybe.... do some paper journaling.... find the sunshine.... and MAYBE.... go for a hike... which ... camera will capture many images! So tomorrow is going to be spontaneous.... first feat is getting me out of the house; that's what I am hoping the coffee shop visit in the morning will do... it's easy for me to sit there and journal while I drink my coffee.

I've steered clear of the north county right now... I just have not had the desire to go to the Mid-State Fair just yet... or maybe... just not alone. Friends mentioned possibly going there tomorrow... maybe that will be a spontaneous item for tomorrow. We shall see.

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