Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Exposing Your Soul

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I can't say that I do this without fear; but... I am who I am. period. More often than not, I am more than happy to let people see the absoulute me. I no longer see the point in covering or "protecting" my essence... I am proud of who I am; not in a conceited way... but rather in an "OH... I get it now" kind of way. That epiphany of Love. Words can hardly describe the feeling that I get when I know I've connected with someone on that level, too. It's rare, but once in a while... there is a person who sees past the physical, even through the ethereal... to that Soul Level. Not many are comfortable to keep looking at that... and it is challenging to stay at such a heightened state of awareness. If I were to describe enlightenment, it would have to be this "knowing" ... without having to have been "schooled" by anything... that bliss that occurs just because intuitively you feel what brought you to the Present Moment Awareness is ... YOU.... the True Self, the Ultimate Soul, the Source, Love... gentle it has set you here to experience everything you are not... and by negating the Self... you are then left only with that which IS. Exposing the Soul means tearing off man-made labels, washing off the scuffs and scrapes the human body has acquired, removing the veil of doubts... once the temporal is burnt off... what are you left with? Truth... AbSOULute Truth. Are you prepared to See With Soul Eyes?

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