Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Baby Bird

Baby Bird
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Yesterday was unusually difficult for me... I happened to come across a baby bird that had been displaced from the nest prematurely, by what means... I do not know. But, I couldn't just leave it there on the ground, so I put together a box of tissue and ecualyptus leaves for the baby to make it comfortable... I called my friend to ask her what to do with the baby bird since she worked at a vet clinic, I thought she would know what best to do. She informed me that there is a store in the Marigold Shopping Center that actually takes in rescue situations like this... my heart was happy. I took the baby bird into my office with me; figuring that since I was leaving early from work anyway that I would just shave an extra 1/2 an hour and swing by the store and drop the baby bird off to be taken care of. As I was sitting at my desk, I kept it within viewing so that I could monitor it's situation... it had a bit of labored breathing which I attributed to the fall... it was probably scared. It would fuss a bit and change a position ever so slightly and then settle in and cuddle in the tissue again. At one point, the baby bird started breathing very rapidly and it looked as though it was trying to chirp... I got very concerned and went to tell my supervisor that I was leaving earlier than expected... I logged off my computer and then walked over to the time clock to swipe my timecard. Quickly getting back to my desk, I pick up my purse and look down at the make-shift nest to assess the baby bird.... MY HEART SHATTERED... the baby bird had stopped moving... and stopped breathing.... it had passed on in THAT short of an amount of time. I had known the baby bird but for an hour.... but in that short amount of time I had given it my heart... I had given it all hopes of living and being well... even now as I type this I get teary and feel very heavy in the chest... I try figuring out the "why?" aspect here.... normally I had been staying in my car during lunch; writing in my journal; listening to music; etc... but that day I was compelled to get out of the car and take pictures.... I had captured images of a Momma Duck and her baby in the SLO Creek... just adorable... that's when I heard a rustling in the leaves... why me? I couldn't just leave it there.... I wanted it to live... I gave it all the hope I had... I envisioned it being set free once it was old enough... why me? I still hurt.... I don't completely understand what the full message from this experience is just yet... I know that it validates my sensitive side... but ... c'mon... that was no surprise.

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